When every minute counts –
our GLOBAL On Board Couriers will overcome all obstacles

Your fiscal year counts 525,600 minutes. And every single minute of it is precious. Just as valuable as your customers and their satisfaction with your products, your promptness and your adherence to delivery dates. All these are existential factors of your success on the market. So what do you do if one of your deliveries fails because of unforeseen logistics problems?

In that case, we offer a short-term solution based on our GLOBAL On Board Couriers! Within minutes our team will work out the fastest route of transportation, will organize all necessary means of transportation and will coordinate the time schedule with you.

On request, our experienced couriers will collect the remaining goods, valuable original documents or life saving medication directly at your location. Our team will personally accompany transportation directly to the recipient. We will be pleased to supply information on customs and import regulations. Faster, safer and more individually than conventional logistic concepts.

Shipping Order Global On Board Courier

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